Earn 30% provision

For every customer – as long as he plays
Why you should work with us together:

  • Earn with every customer – as long as he plays
  • Intensive support by the experienced 1x2 affiliate team.
  • Equally how long you are part of our affiliate program, our team will support you always.
  • No negative rollover for poker, casino and games. We take every month the costs for you.
  • Easy and quick withdrawal

How does it work?

Step 1

Register now and get today your approval

Step 2

Download your banner, we send you the link

Step 3

Get your percents for every player.



Are you a web author in the field of sports and have a relevant blog or website? As a 1x2-bet affiliate partner they can monetize this fast and lucrative. Integrate advertising banners or text links from 1x2 on their website and they already earn.


Each time you click, which is forwarded to our side, and then generates a customer with us, you will get a share of the hold and as long as the customer plays in 1x2. Already for a successful mediation they receive 10% commission from hold.

Commission - Transparent System

Even with a single successful mediation you will receive from 30% commission! Do not let this chance and become our partner. You will receive an admin access by us in the affiliate partners. Login in our admin section and check what is the current amount of your commission. You decide whether you want to play with the amount generated, or whether we pay the money to you. We will pay your commissions weekly or monthly out quite the way you want.

Become an Affiliate

This brings the great benefit for you to earn money through sports betting without your own gaming license and at no cost. With an increasing number of applications, we also increase your commission:
For any question contact us on : affiliate@1x2-bet.eu

Available GIF animated banner sizes and languages:

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If you need other sizes please contact us on : affiliate@1x2-bet.eu

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